Frequently Asked Questions

Are your Bond collars and leashes resistant?

All our collars and leashes are made of high-performance elastomer frequently used by the aerospace, military, automotive and sports accessories industry. Our products are subjected to tests in the laboratory and in the field to measure and increase their durability. The Original bond collars and leashes are water resistant. They are all equipped with an alloy hardware that does not rust.

Should I check my Bond or Nuvuq collar regularly?

Certainly, as with all animal products, it is recommended to regularly inspect your collar in order to detect an anomaly or a breakage. Although our collars are very durable, the initiation of rupture can occur from a sharp object (scissors), a medal or small bite and other sharp objects coming into contact with the collar during use.

What are the benefits of an antibacterial collar?

By designing our collars and leashes from a high-performance antibacterial elastomer, we are able to offer you products that reduce the risk of skin infections due to friction and are resistant to bad odors. In addition, our products are designed without seams, a measure that helps to limit the growth of bacteria, reducing the risk of disease.

Why has the color of my Tangerine collar faded over the years?

Unfortunately, some pigmentations such as fluorescent pink and orange that make up all plastics, rubbers and elastomers tend to fade over time due to light and UV radiation. This normal change is aesthetic in nature but does not affect the mechanical strength of the product and occurs at different rates.

My dog ​​was sprayed by a skunk?

Please contact your veterinarian for any professional advice. However, here is a house trick that seems to work well. In a clean container, mix 1 liter of 3% hydrogen peroxide with ¼ cup of baking soda, 2 tablespoons of dish soap (preferably organic) and 1 liter of water. Apply the solution by massaging the body of your pet. Take care to avoid the eyes of your pet. Repeat as needed.

What happens if my puppy chews on his Bond collar or leash?

Although our collars and leashes are tear-resistant, they are not designed to be chewed by your pet. Our collars and leashes are not toys. To avoid injury to your pet or damage to your collar or leash, do not let your pet play with his collar or leash. Our Warranty does not cover the collar or leash if it has been chewed by your pet.

Why do I have to pay return shipping costs for an exchange or refund?

For each of our deliveries (small or large) by post, we pay delivery costs. Despite this, in order to satisfy our customers, we have decided to offer you a reduced or free delivery rate on all our products. It is for this reason that we ask you to pay the cost of returning a product purchased on our website. We think this is a good compromise considering the selling price of our products.